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Leadership Consultant & Coach



My name is Rexford Nickerson (Rex). For over 30 years I have been helping others find the clarity, direction, and results they need to address their most important concerns. I provide confidential coaching, consulting, and training to individuals and teams including mid-career professionals, directors, managers, and supervisors as well as students and recent graduates. I also help other coaches and consultants tighten their approach and increase the efficacy of their direct practice.

I've held executive leadership and consulting positions in healthcare companies, community-based organizations, private schools, and support agencies, among others. I'm a management generalist with broad knowledge and experience leading people and managing projects in prevention, intervention, treatment, and advocacy programs serving children, youth, and families. I have a BS degree in Management of Human Resources along with specific training in Empathy, Positive Intelligence (PQ), and Motivational Communication (MI).

This is a deep and diverse well that spans interpersonal relationships, functional operations, and business processes that leave me uniquely positioned to contribute to a broad range of issues and subject matter.

I'm a native Californian living with my family at our home on the San Francisco Peninsula.

What's the Free Session / Introduction about?

This is a regular full session (50-60 Minutes). Please come prepared to discuss your needs so we can get right to work. There is no obligation and no strings attached. However, if you find the session is useful and delivers good value, then please book additional paid sessions as often as you need. Feel free to schedule one session at a time, or purchase a discount package. It's easy to reschedule, but a refund is difficult. Please only book what you know you will use.

Frequently asked questions

What is Coaching and which topics are you able to coach?

Coaching is a supportive process for setting the right goals, developing an effective plan, and following-through with positive accountability. Consequently the focus of coaching can include a wide range of topics from professional development to personal growth. Common focus areas include:

Professional Development

  • Career 

  • Leadership

  • Performance

  • Teams & Work Relationships

  • Project Management

  • WFH & Other Soft Skills

Personal Growth Issues

  • Positive habits

  • Stress management

  • Personal Relationships

  • Spirituality & Meaning

  • Personal Mission & Values

  • Productivity at Home

Discounts - Packages - Policies

  • Clients may book one session at a time or choose a discount package.

  • Remote services are provided online or over the phone.

  • CDC guidelines are followed for all in-person services.

  • When needed, please cancel with 24-hours notice.

  • Refunds are generally not available, however, we will reschedule a missed session with notice, or without notice in extreme circumstances. ​

Why do you do Coaching?

After years of experience as an employee, and then as an independent consultant, I've learned that I love working with individuals and small groups. I enjoy helping others succeed professionally, personally, and even spiritually. I've found that I'm at my best helping others achieve theirs.

Coaching Process for New Clients?

Often a client may start by talking about their present situation (Current-State) and then describe their wish-list of outcomes and results (Future-State).  I draw from my experience with a variety of methods and tools to clarify needs and goals, and then partner with clients to craft a plan for moving forward. However, everyone is different.

Types of Customers

I've worked with students and new leaders, as well as experienced managers, and senior/executive directors across a variety of industries such as healthcare, education, human services, mental health, and support agencies ranging in size from large corporations to small community-based organizations, as well as individuals.

Examples of Client Results and Timelines

  • A student prepared and landed his dream job  (duration 6 months).

  • A physician unpacked and started a new project (duration 3 months).

  • An executive with a disability learned to build on strengths and improve personal performance (duration 10 months).

  • A mid-career professional learned to manage stress, find clarity, and improve focus during a major life change (duration <1 month).

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